Las Vegas, the city of sin and entertainment. Where flashing lights and pretty shiny things and false promises of wealth easily cover the ugliness that hides in plane sight. Organized crime controls most of the streets and businesses, but who controls the mobs? Who’s pockets have the corrupt law enforcement and government officials dipped their hands into? And what dark things hide behind the areas uncontrolled?

Lycanthropes wage war across the deserts of Nevada, trekking through the plentiful spirit guides and ancient Native American sites, curses and artifacts.

Kindred, who blend in so flawlessly in the Lost city’s nightlife, manipulate each other and their human counter parts all vying for the most control over the city.

The Lost following a leading Summer Court find the odd and bizarre surroundings strangely “homey”, and Vegas is a great place to go when you have no where else.

The Awakened are drawn in by ancient arcane legends that point to the areas near Las Vegas as a portal to salvation, or doom.

Hunters lurk in any bar, casino or back alley, looking for the strange and twisted things and targeting the creatures they deem monstrous.

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